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Unsure if you need PT or if PT could help you at this time?

A screening is a quick summary of your health and current impairment or limitation. This will allow us to determine if a full PT evaluation is your best next step. 

Screens are free and a good way to learn more about how physical therapy may benefit you. 



If you know you have an injury, pain, limited range of motion, or difficulty with activities that once were easy, or a physician recommended PT, an evaluation is for you! During your evaluation we will dig in to your current symptoms, medical history, & meaningful goals.




These are your follow up appointments after your evaluation. We discuss your current status and instruct you through therapeutic movements.

We fine tune your home exercise program and adapt it as needed, so it stays specific to your needs.

Activities are prescribed to you. Much like with medication, the movements don't help if you don't perform them. Knowing your body's response to specific activities helps us dial in your treatments and fast track your healing for improved physical activity (including activities of daily life).

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