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We are Adaptable.

We are locals from rural Oklahoma! We know the struggle of finding high quality care in rural areas. We are here to reduce that burden and offer full scope physical therapy focused on whole person wellness.


We lead by example. We lift the weights, we run the run, we dance the dance all in the name of healthy living and longevity through robustness and resiliency. We do this for our own health and wellness as well as to be better clinicians and because people follow people, not advice.


It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to work alongside you. We are a patient centered team and we hope to guide you to optimal health and help you navigate the medical system as needed. 


Dr. Samantha Chamberlain, PT, DPT, cert-MMOA and Christian Hale, PTA, SPT, cert-MMOA are both certified in the modern management of the older adult (Dr. Sam is now a teaching assistant for the courses). We have a unique approach to older adult care and falls prevention; It is through strengthening and falls preparedness. We safely practice falls to reduce injury occurrence from the sometimes inevitable. This leads to reduced falls through improved confidence, strength, and decreased fear.


Don't let our drive for improving independence long into life trick you though, we still have a blast working with young athletes and all the ages in between. It is through this multigenerational passion we are able to promote lifestyle behavior changes with clinical expertise. "The needs of our athletes and grandparents differ by degree, not kind." - Greg Glassman.

Along with older adults, athletes, and general orthopedics, Dr. Sam will be accepting patients with post concussive symptoms. She has recently completed a post doctorate course encompassing the full plan of care surrounding post concussive symptoms and brings in knowledge taught directly from the world leaders in the field of concussion management and rehabilitation


We believe in the power of positivity and the therapeutic alliance. "Beliefs and expectations are the foundations on which aging is experienced." - MMOA. We believe all people have the opportunity to be stronger and healthier, they just need someone to guide them from time to time.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to guide you.

The Adaptable name is very intentional and comes with many meanings. Just as the word itself demonstrates, we are patient (pt) centered and PT driven. We are versatile. We strive to improve patient compliance and commitment to health, wellness, and fitness. Another important purpose for the name comes from the fact bodies are adaptable...we adapt to what we do. The more resistance we put on the muscles and bones the stronger they become giving us a significantly better chance of fighting off chronic disease. 
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Samantha Chamberlain
PT. DPT, cert-mmoa
ICE teaching assistant
Co - owner
 Specialties: older adults (geriatrics), sports performance, injury prevention, orthopedics, concussion rehabilitation

Professionally: I am a doctor of physical therapy looking to help bring quality care to rural areas. We want to meet you where you are to provide services to help you be your best. Quality of Life matters and we want you to get the most out of everyday, without limitations from musculoskeletal pain, injury, and impairments. 

Personally:  I have fun teaching our sons new things, cuddling our dogs, taking care of and gather fresh eggs from our "chickies," watching our baby goats and garden grows. We have added SCUBA diving and dirt biking to the fun outdoor activities we do. I really belong near a warm sunny beach, but maybe Daniel can get me a heat lamp to survive the winter. We also enjoy checking out coffee shops and camping. 
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Daniel Chamberlain
Veteran/OCS instructor
football coach/Teacher
Co - owner
 Profesionally: I am a football coach, podcaster, and a US Army Veteran. I continue to serve in the OK National Guard by developing Officer Candidates in OCS. We hope to further serve those who serve, and their families, by making access to care easier and more transferable to their day to day routine. 
At Adaptable I assist in the operations side of things.

Personally: Seeing our sons try new things and watching them learn and explore is a highlight in life. Beyond family time I enjoy football, hunting, fishing, playing guitar, dirt bikes...all the outdoor things. I do not belong near a warm sunny beach because, well you know, SAND. The heat lamp will have to do for Samantha. 
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