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Balance, fall prevention/preparedness

The floor doesn't have to be lava! 


If you avoid getting low and feel like the floor is a dangerous place, it is time to work with us to reduce that fear!

If getting up from the floor is feeling like managing an obstacle course, wait no more schedule an appointment.

Being able to get on and off the floor is more important than we realize...until it is hard to do or you are unable to do it without some help. So first we want to help you improve your strength for the extra boost you need to manage floor transfers solo. 


However, slips, trips, and full on falls can happen to anyone at any age, so we also want to help you be prepared for falls. Believe it or not you can safely train for a fall and that carries over to reduced risk of fractures and head injuries in the event of a fall occurring. 
We of course want to give you the strength and power to recovery from a trip without having a complete fall, but we also know sometimes momentum (and gravity) gets the best of us. Leading to exercise to improve strength, power, coordination, balance, and endurance being are best line of defense against fall related injuries! 
If you have questions feel free to call 981-791-8789, or text. You can also complete the form below and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days! 


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