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Therapy for back pain

Floor transfer workshop (3000 x 2000 px)


                                                    Back pain is one of the top reasons for missing work or feeling unable to   

                                                    participate in activities. So it goes without saying that many people believe the

                                                    human back is weak. That is not true! Our backs are very strong and we need to

                                                    strengthen the many muscles throughout our torso to limit the onset of

                                                    weakness leading to more pain! 

                                                    Whether it is new pain or chronic back pain you've been dealing with for years

                                                    or even decades we are here to help.  As with any body part

                                                    we focus on the issue at hand. We identify if your pain is

                                                    muscular, a joint mobility issue, or nerve related. Then we

                                                    work to decreased that pain and build resiliency. 

Low back pain, mid, or upper back pain we are here to help!
At Adaptable Physical Therapy we provide many services to support a whole person 
approach to care. As part of our evaluation we will discuss your nutrition, water
intake, sleep quality, and stress. This allows us to work together to find strategies to optimize these
                                               lifestyle behaviors and lead to the greatest benefit during your time at physical
                                               therapy. After your evaluation we use our knowledge and skill set, along with your
                                               input, to offer you the most effective treatments which may include manual
                                               therapy,  spinal manipulation, IASTM, therapeutic exercise, dry needling with
                                               electrical stimulation (estim/TENS),  education, ergonomics, pain management
                                               techniques, functional movement therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and pre/post 
                                               surgical rehabilitation. 

Floor transfer workshop (3000 x 2000 px)
Floor transfer workshop (3000 x 2000 px)
Your back is strong! 

Thank you!

We looking forward to talking with you soon!

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